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GD Cobra Replica


Here at Gardner Douglas we pride ourselves in producing unrivalled performance vehicles.

 The vision of the company was to combine the iconic looks of classic sports cars with sophisticated and class-leading technology. In doing this we have kept the spirit of these cars at the forefront of performance. An example of this is that our designers and engineers now use CAD modelling; this state-of-the-art technique ensures accuracy, quality and performance.

Every structure, component and system has been meticulously designed, engineered, tested and proven. We have produced this technical section to give you an idea of the commitment and confidence we put in to every one of our vehicles.

GD ADV chassis 

Underpinning the very best UK Cobra.

The GD427 is no replica, it’s a reinvention, a classic remastered that remains beautifully unspoilt on top while state of the art underneath. The best of both worlds.


Championship winning lightweight chassis.

GD’s famed backbone design provides high torsion and beam stiffness for taut predictable handling and supreme road manners. 

 Purpose designed fully adjustable double wishbone suspension.

Aircraft grade CNC billet alloy uprights.

Quick change hubs.

Adjustable damping and ride height.

Road or track spring rates.

Limited slip differential as std.

Ventilated brakes as std.  

Body to chassis isolation mounts provides air gap, no sweat = no rot 30 years on.

5 or 6 speed manual transmission.

Designed for high output pushrod V8’s.

Suitable for typical classic 15” or 18” deep dish wheels.

Quality assured all new purpose designed parts.


Bolt-on or peg drive wheels.

Dry sump oil control.

Traction control.

Adjustable anti-roll.

Suitable for underslung or side exhausts.

GD Mk4 Cobra replica
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