GD T70 Spyder

Inspiration from the world’s fastest race car in 1966

Inspiration from the world’s fastest race car in 1966 – the Lola T70 that triumphed at the CanAm Championship in the hands of Surtees. Effortlessly beautiful and breathtakingly quick today.

GD T70 Spyder Spec

A comprehensive braced fabricated space frame fabricated from steel tube. It offers great rigidity, strength and lightweight as you might expect, but the design incorporates vital safety features to give you maximum peace of mind. As well as front and rear crash resistance, the T70 has fully triangulated side pontoons which offer superb side impact protection. A steel panelled front bulkhead provides exceptional object intrusion resistance. A single foam-filled fuel cell also offers increased resistance to puncture and subsequent ignition. The roll-over bar is fully triangulated and cross-braced to meet current race regulations.Designed for huge V8 power the chassis always feel taught and responsive when pushed to the limit.

The body panels are moulded in self colour composite glass fibre reinforced plastic. Front and rear panels can be easily removed for access to mechanical components. The optional windscreen offers pleasant road comfort at speed while being detachable if preferred for track use.
Options include moulded-in colour stripes, rear canopy vents a rear venturi and front spoiler. The windscreen is specific GD design, E marked with integral demist element.

The chassis features modern independent double wishbone rocker arm suspension with aircraft grade alloy uprights. The design offers improved wheel travel while maintaining excellent camber control. Combined with carefully selected spring rates result in the GDT70 boasting exceptional levels of mechanical grip while maintaing a surprising high standard of ride quality.

Alloy bodied shock absorbers are fitted with coil springs rated for intend use. The units are adjustable for damping resistance and ride height changes.

The GM Gen3/4 LS range of V8 engines have been installed in Gardner Douglas cars since 2001. We regard them as the best choice for power/weight with smooth drivability and offer better fuel economy, reliability and lower service costs. Today’s standard fitment is the 6.2 Ltr LS3 and 7.0Ltr LS7. GD offer several tuned options in between with dry sump installation when required.

Typically 5 or 6 speed Porsche 911 family transaxles.

For frequent track use the Porche differential unit is quite often changed in favour of the Quaife ATB LSD to provide awesome traction and neutral handling.

Brakes are dual circuit non-servo assisted as standard. Optional bias adjustment is available for track use.

Wheels are offered in several sizes to suit preferred aesthetics and driving style. Typically 9×17 front and 12×17 rear.

High performance ZR rated tyres providing excellent grip and ride quality. Optional track day tyres available T70-Tyres include Khumo and Toyo.

An optional quick release steering wheel is is available to aid access and security.
Alloy construction. For safety the fuel tank is mounted midship between the bulkhead and engine, this position provides protection from all angles and maintains the cars balance point full or empty. A separate swirl pot is used for anti surge.
Wheelbase: 2400mm (95″) Length: 4026mm (159″) Width: 1740mm (67″) Height: 1092mm (43″)
The GDT70 has been designed to comply with current UK road legal requirements.
Preferred engine choice is the GMLS family all alloy fuel injected small block V8′s from 6.0Ltr. to 7.0ltr.
Recorded figures for T70 Spyder with 400bhp LS2, top speed is dependent on gearing.