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GD T70 Spyder


Inspired by world’s fastest 1960’s race cars

It would be wrong to just simply copy an icon and profit from its glory, better to reflect and evolve for today’s enthusiasts to enjoy.

The GD T70 may resemble one of the world’s fastest race cars of the mid 60’s – history tells us how the Lola T70 triumphed in the hands of racing greats such like the late John Surtees, Dan Gurney and Mark Donohue. These race cars were small, lightweight, effortlessly beautiful and breathtakingly quick by today’s standards, but equally fragile and not well suited for road endurance.


Developed to comply with UK SVA/IVA and to offer a alternative for today’s expectations of visibility, cockpit space and safety the GDT70 exploits the 1960’s charm with gut churning V8 performance and addictive nimble handling to be the ultimate classic supercar.

The GD T70 is available factory built or in self build component form with performance power to weight options from 450bhp/tonne - 700bhp/tonne. Or in other words,  ridiculously fast or damn right mental.

GD T70 Spyder
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