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An evolution of an iconic period in motorsport

Chassis - Tubular spaceframe

A comprehensive braced space frame fabricated from steel tube. The design offers great rigidity and strength as you might expect, but also offers high levels of occupant protection. Front and rear crash frames solid bulkheads, triangulated double skinned side pontoons and full roll-over bar cross-braced to meet race regulations. Designed for high output V8 power, the chassis always feels taught and responsive when pushed to the limit. On a practical point, the chassis pontoons provide ample stowage for soft luggage.

Body Shell - GRP Composite

The body panels are moulded in composite. Front and rear panels can be easily removed for access to mechanical components. The optional windscreen offers pleasant road comfort at speed while being detachable if preferred for track use. Options include moulded exterior colour saving the need for paint, rear canopy vents, venturi and front spoiler.

Suspension - Double Wishbone

Purpose designed independent double wishbone with aircraft grade alloy uprights. Rocker arm mounted damping offers long wheel travel while maintaining excellent camber control. Carefully selected spring rates gives the GD T70 exceptional levels of mechanical grip while maintaining a surprising high standard of ride. Damping is adjustable for bump and rebound resistance and ride height changes.

Spring Dampening - Adjustable Coil Over

Alloy bodied shock absorbers are fitted with coil springs rated for intend use. The units are adjustable for damping resistance and ride height changes.

Engine - All alloy EFI V8

The GM LS range of V8 engines have been installed in Gardner Douglas cars since 2001. We regard them as the best choice for power/weight with smooth driveability and better fuel economy, reliability and lower service costs than earlier types. Typically we offer four normally aspirated options: Stock GM Gen. IV LS3 6.2 litre V8 430bhp Uprated LS3 6.2 litre V8 - 520bhp Stock GM Gen. IV LS7 7.0 litre V8 540bhp Uprated LS7 7.0 litre 600bhp Other engine tunes can be offered including upgrades to 8 stack FBW induction and dry sump options.

Transmission - 5 or 6 speed H Gate

Typically 5 or 6 speed Porsche 911 family transaxles. Sequential options can also be installed.

Differential - LSD 3.44:

For frequent track use the Porche differential unit is quite often changed in favour of an ATB LSD to provide better traction and neutral handling.

Brakes - AP 4-pot Ventilated

Brakes are dual circuit non-servo assisted as standard. Optional bias adjustment is available for track use.

Modular Roof - GRP Composite and Perspex

The windscreen is specific GD design, E marked with integral demist element, bonded in to a detachable housing to work in conjunction with the canopy system. The canopy comprises a clear rear cover with integrated high-level brake light, bulkhead partition, roll bar cover, T-bar connection with air intake, roof panels and door side screens. This uniquely engineered solution allows the owner to use all components in which ever configuration they choose. The car can be used with the full system in place providing all-weather protection or driving with the roof panels removed for the targa experience and that sensual excitement of wind in your hair with that V8 soundtrack. Completely removing the whole system takes minutes should you wish to drive your car in the classic open-racer form on track days.

Wheels - 17" or 18" split rim

Split rim design 9x18 front and 12X17 rear. Various styles available with cast, billet of forged centres.

Tyres - High Performance Tyres

High performance ZR rated tyres providing excellent grip and ride quality. Optional track day tyres available.

Steering - Rack and Pinion 2.1:1

Purpose designed Titan rack and pinion steering. Optional quick release steering wheel.

Fuel Tank - 55ltr

Alloy tank construction foam filled. For safety the fuel tank is mounted midship between the bulkhead and engine, this position provides protection from all angles and maintains the cars balance point full or empty. A separate swirl pot is used for anti surge, delivery is via a low pressure lift pump and high pressure regulated injector pump with by-pas circulation.


Wheelbase: 2400mm (95″) Length: 4026mm (159″) Width: 1740mm (67″) Height: 1092mm (43″)

Weight - Typical kerb weights

880kg to 1020kg depending on spec.

Power - From 400bhp - 700bhp

Preferred engine choice is the GMLS family all alloy fuel injected small block V8′s from 6.0Ltr. to 7.0ltr.

Performance capabilities

0-60mph in 2.6secs and a top speed of 190+mph Recorded figures for with 520bhp LS3. Fuel consumption up to 30mpg and 300 mile range based on stock LS3

The GD T70 Moda is our evolution of the formidable Lola T70. Developed for today’s expectations of visibility, cockpit space and safety and styled with an all-weather, roof system that transforms the classically muscular lines into a contemporary super car profile, leaving no doubt to the performance on tap.


The GD T70 moda is available factory built or in self build component form with performance power to weight options from 450bhp/tonne - 700bhp/tonne. Or in other words, ridiculously fast or damn right mental.

GD T70 Moda